Determinism Exploit


How can we exploit the knowledge we live in a deterministic universe?

See yourself as a single cell. If your cell is stimulated in a certain direction it encounters other information then it would if it was stimulated in a different direction. Lets say this cell is stimulated into the direction of education. It would be more likely to be stimulated into a direction of more education for now the cells sees that this holds value.


This knowledge can give us insight in how the universe melds us into certain shapes and we can make use of it. If you have a certain goal in life, making yourself encounter an environment which stimulates you more in the direction of you goal is good a way to achieve that goal. If your cell is aware of its goal and the direction it has to move in to; it can move more rapidly in that direction. For example the cell can pick a movie with a certain subject. Or the cell can pick an documentary over a movie. Every choice you make leads you onto a certain path. Having the awareness of something on a human level we call choice can make you achieve your goals faster.

Maybe this is why awareness/conscious evolved?


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  • “A piece of knowledge, unlike a piece of physical property, can be shared by large groups of people without making anybody poorer.”

    – Aaron Swartz

  • “What is the most important thing you could be working on in the world right now? And if you’re not working on that, why aren’t you?”

    – Aaron Swartz

  • “You make decisions, take actions, affect the world, receive feedback from the world, incorporate it into yourself, then the updated ‘you’ makes more decisions, and so forth, ’round and ’round.”

    – Douglas Hofstadter

  • “I think that’s the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.”

    – Elon Musk

  • “The is a secret for greater self-control, the science points to one thing: the power of paying attention.”

    – Kelly-McGonigal

  • “Once we realize the extraordinary power we have to compose our lives, we’ll move from passive, conditioned thinking to being co-creators of our fate.”

    – Jason Silva

  • “Everything that we design is designing us back.”

    – Jason Silva

  • “We are part of this universe; we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts, is that the universe is in us.”

    – Neil deGrasse Tyson

  • “Nations are invented. Borders are invisible. Prejudice is learned.”

    – Abby Martin

  • “Tradition is a idiot thing.”

    – Rick Sanchez